Principles of Operation (was LANGUAGE SUBTAG REQUEST FORM Erzgebirgisch)

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Jan 24 19:28:29 CET 2008

CE Whitehead wrote:

> It's Franconian according to Wikipedia; see:

They write "probably", s/en/de/ to get a slightly
different view.  I've lived as child in Nürnberg,
the biggest town in Franconia today, and I loved
their dialect.  Folks there would feel insulted
if anybody lumps their dialect together with any
Saxon or Bavarian dialects.  IMO there really are
"audible" differences.   

But that doesn't mean that I learned German as a
kind of "foreign language" in school or anything,
the sxu-construct is rather dubious from my POV
(non-linguistic, for a new variant of "IANAL" :-)


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