Principles of Operation (was: LANGUAGE SUBTAG REQUEST FORM, Erzgebirgisch)

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Jan 24 11:55:02 CET 2008

At 11:48 +0100 2008-01-24, Frank Ellermann wrote:

>  > "sxu", the subtag,  doesn't yet exist, but
>  > will in a matter of months.
>Maybe.  The registration request is now, and
>now our referene list is ISO 639-2,

No reason to have one's head in the sand.

>where I'm confident that it's no nonsense modulo "tlh".

No need to be rude. Klingon is a fairly successful artificial 
language. You may dislike it, but that doesn't mean that it is 
nonsense that 639-2 has a tag for it.

Michael Everson *

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