Principles of Operation

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Ethnologue is ambiguous. It lists this dialect name under two codes -- one 
of them is "deu" which is labeled Standard German and is mapped to the ISO 
639-1 code "de". I don't know if this is like the issue of two languages 
named "Flemish" or if these entries are describing unique regional 
entities (it does seem that the regions are different).  If Ethnologue 
indicates that this is a dialect of Standard German AND Upper Saxony, is 
the burden on Thomas to prove that this is a dialect of "de" or is the 
burden of proof on others to say this is not "de" but "sxu"? 

Do we need Ethnologue to clarify or is Ethnologue not considered the 
authority -- yet?  The actual Erzgebirge Mountains are in the region 
described in the SIL Standard German description, though Thomas may be 
thinking of this dialect as occurring over a wider geographic range than 


Karen Broome

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RE: Principles of Operation

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> > Let's decide whether the correct prefix language is "sxu"
> Well, it's not because "sxu" doesn't exist *now*.

In the sense you are meaning -- intentionally ignoring the sense Doug 
meant -- the only candidate prefix in the registry now is "gem". "de" is 
*not* a candidate prefix unless it can be demonstrated that Erzgebirgisch 
is, in fact, best considered a dialect of Standard German.

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