Principles of Operation

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Wed Jan 23 18:24:31 CET 2008

Doug Ewell wrote:

> Let's decide whether the correct prefix language is "sxu"

Well, it's not because "sxu" doesn't exist *now*.  Even if
it exists I think that "erzgeb" is a dialect of "de".  Or I
missed that they don't speak "de" in the relevant regions,
which is kind of impossible.  Rather different from "nds",
as far as I can judge it.

> let's wait until 4646bis is approved

If the proponent withdraws his request for now that is his
decision.  Predicting when or if (!) 4646bis is approved is
shaky, unless the proponent prefers a prefix "sxu" instead
of "de".


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