Frank Ellermann nobody at
Tue Jan 22 18:20:09 CET 2008

Caoimhin O Donnaile wrote:

>> Fortunately there is no "sxu" in the registry (yet),
>> we can ignore it.

> There will be very soon though, when ISO 639-3 gets included:

Yes, I saw it in the 4645bis-02 draft, but "very soon" depends
on the approval of a 4646bis draft.  Currently 4646bis proposes
to add region codes AC, DG, EA, EU, IC, ... to the IANA registry.
> In my "ideal world", language/dialect codes would have four 
> (or maybe five) characters - enough to give all languages past
> and present, all the dialects we are likely to deal with, and
> all macrolanguages at every level an atomic code.

Then 639-6 might be for you, RFC 4646 and 4646bis reserve four
letter codes for it.


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