Progressing beyond borders?making subtags inclusive

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Tue Jan 15 20:59:39 CET 2008

Hi John

ISO 639-6 passed at DIS and goes to FDIS as soon as I can find the time to
update with the comments from the DIS vote and submit it to ISO TC37
Secretariat.  Publication is due in 2008.  I think FDIS vote is a 2 month
period and in general only editorial comments are made.

Happy New Year all!

Debbie Garside
Editor ISO FDIS 639-6

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> > I do not think there is an ISO-639-something on dialects and that's
> > for a good reason.
> ISO 639-6 will provide comprehensive coverage of language
> varieties using a 4-alpha code.  Its current status is that a
> (non-final) draft has been voted on but we don't yet have a
> report on how the vote went: possible outcomes are a new
> draft, a revote, progression to a final draft, or (in
> principle) termination of the effort.  Exactly how 639-6 will
> be integrated into BCP 47 will be the subject of a future
> incarnation of the LTRU WG.
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