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Wed Jan 9 15:52:50 CET 2008

John Cowan <cowan at ccil dot org> wrote:

> Actually there is:  Detroit is part of the Northern Cities Chain 
> Shift, and Windsor is not.  See (a Google 
> Books result for p. 194 of Ronald Wardhaugh's _Introduction to 
> Sociolinguistics_).

"en-US" and "en-CA" mean, roughly, English with specific features 
generally thought to be characteristic of the United States and Canada, 
respectively.  They do not imply that a significant dialectical boundary 
exists between any arbitrarily selected point in the U.S. and any 
arbitrarily selected point in Canada, which boundary does not exist 
between points within the U.S. or within Canada.

Region subtags are not precise.  This is not a critical problem.

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