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There are a variety of sub dialects of Alsatian (that are probably not worth tagging); Alsatian is the name for the variety of Alemannic used in France and is distinct from some other gsw dialects in Germany/Switzerland (probably since "no standard form" "but a variety of village dialects"--but I am not the expert)???
This is my understanding--that both (finding the right tag when no one would know to use the gsw subtag, and tagging content properly to distinguish it from stuff created across the river) are now at issue--but I've lost track too.
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Language name   Alemannisch Population 1,500,000 in France (1988 Hawkins in B. Comrie). Region Northeastern France, Alsace. Alternate names   Alemannic Dialects Alsatian (Alsacien, Elsaessisch). 
Comments Called 'Schwyzerdütsch' in Switzerland and 'Alemannisch' in Austria and parts of Germany. No standard form of Alsatian, but a variety of village dialects. 
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Alsatian is a name in use at Wikipedia> > Stephane:> > I've lost track of this point: Is there really a need to tag Alsatian distinctly from gsw, or is the issue simply that people don't know what tag they should be using for Alsatian content?> > > > Peter> _______________________________________________> Ietf-languages mailing list> Ietf-languages at>
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