Addition request: alsatian

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Jan 7 23:20:41 CET 2008

Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>>> I would say that "alsatian" and "gsw-FR" are almost
>>> the same thing but not completely.
>> Which means what?
> That I think that using "gsw-FR" to mean "alsatian" is
> acceptable, if not ideal.

A case where it would be not ideal:  If gsw-alsatian is
also used on the other side of the Rhine, then it is not
clear to use gsw-FR for "alsatian as spoken in DE". (*1) 

Opposite case:  gsw-CH is a broad tag, taggers could try
to use gsw-FR for "gsw-CH as used in regions of CH where
French is the predominant language".  

The variant alsatian is clearer than gsw-FR workarounds.

*1: Actually I don't *think* that's the case, but to be
    sure I'd had to ask folks living in Kehl (the German
    town next to Strasbourg)

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