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Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at
Thu Jan 3 10:29:53 CET 2008

Happy New Year to everyone, and this is the first registry addition
request of 2008, the International Year of Languages

Comments, approvals, rejections, flames, are equally welcome.

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1. Name of requester: Stéphane Bortzmeyer

2. E-mail address of requester: bortzmeyer+langtag at

3. Record Requested: 

   Type: variant
   Subtag: alsatian
   Description: Alsatian variant of Alemannic
   Description: Elsässisch
   Prefix: gsw

4. Intended meaning of the subtag: There is a distinct variety of
Alemannic spoken in Alsace. It is distinct from the language spoken in
Germany and Switzerland partly for political reasons, because Alsace
has been a french province for a long time.

5. Reference to published description
of the language (book or article):

    * (fr) "L'alsacien, deuxi?me langue r?gionale de France" Insee,
    Chiffres pour l'Alsace no. 12, December 2002

    * (fr) Brunner, Jean-Jacques. L'alsacien sans peine. ASSiMiL,
      2001. ISBN 2-7005-0222-1

    * (fr) Laugel-Erny, Elsa. Cours d'alsacien. Les Editions du Quai,
      1999. ISBN 978-2903548018

    * (fr) Matzen, Raymond, and L?on Daul. Wie Geht's ? Le dialecte ?
      la port?e de tous La Nu?e Bleue, 1999. ISBN 2-7165-0464-4

    * (fr) Matzen, Raymond, and L?on Daul. Wie Steht's ? Lexiques
      alsacien et fran?ais, Variantes dialectales, Grammaire La Nu?e
      Bleue, 2000. ISBN 2-7165-0525-X

    * (de) Fr?d?ric Hartweg: Die Sprachen im Elsass: Kalter Krieg oder
      vers?hntes Miteinander?. In: Ingo Kolboom und Bernd Rill
      (Hrsg.): Frankophonie -- nationale und internationale
      Dimensionen. Argumente und Materialien zum Zeitgeschehen 35,
      M?nchen: Hanns Seidel Stiftung, ISBN

    * (de) Hubert Klausmann, Konrad Kunze und Renate Schrambke (1994):
      Kleiner Dialektatlas - Alemannisch und Schw?bisch in
      Baden-W?rttemberg. Ver?ff. Alem. Inst. Frbg. Themen der
      Landeskunde 6, B?hl (Baden): Konkordia, 1994.

    * (de) Friedrich Maurer: Neue Forschungen zur s?dwestdeutschen
      Sprachgeschichte. In: Sprachgeographie Beih. Wirkendes Wort. 21,
      S. 119-163, D?sseldorf: Schwann, 1972.

6. Any other relevant information: Do note there exists several
"sub-dialects" (specifically between North and South of Alsace) but I
do not know if there is a comprehensive list of them yet. Do note also
that some alsatian local dialects are *not* variant of Alemannic at
all but Franconian or even Roman languages. Alsatian is still in
common use in Alsace, spoken and written. There is a localization of
Microsoft Word
but I do not know if they use proper language tags.

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