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Hi, I remember that Doug proposed: > Type: language> Subtag: gsw> Description: Swiss German> Description: Alemannic> Added: 2006-03-08> Suppress-Script: Latn> Comment: gsw-FR represents the Alsatian dialectOr you might have the comment read:Comment: gsw-FR generally represents the Alsatian dialect. And be done with it. Though you can also keep waiting for a reclassification too.  But it seems the comment would be o.k. without any reclassification & you can then just wait till you get one. Alternately there is the variant Alsatian registered originally requested, with the prefix [gsw]. It would  represent the Alsatian dialect and then [gsw] would represent any dialect of [gsw] when spoken in France.  (This is based on Stephane Bortzmeier's information ("Do note also that some alsatian local dialects are *not* variant of Alemannic at all but Franconian or even Roman languages."I suppose [gsw-FR] might (in addition to representing Alsatian) also represent any dialect of Alemannic but spoken in France?  Or is that going too far??) --C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at  
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