Alsatian answer from LOC

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Feb 23 00:06:43 CET 2008

Karen Broome wrote:

> For what it's worth.... Read entire thread.


 [Rebecca S. Guenther wrote:]
>| But if some may consider "Alsatian" to be an alternate name by
>| which they refer to the language coded as "gsw", then we would
>| add it. We are not certain that indeed this is the case, so
>| would ask that you give evidence that "Alsatian" is used by
>| some group of people as a language name rather than the name
>| of a dialect within that language.

>| If you could provide a citation from a reputable source that
>| states that indeed this is the case, we can add it as an 
>| alternate name.

A challenge.  I found a reputable source cited by the DGLFLF on
mentioning "dialecte allemand d'Alsace et de Moselle" on

That would de-FR-alsacien instead of gsw-FR, therefore it's not
what we want.  Why do the ISO 639-2 folks reject ISO 639-3 info
as second reputable source ?  


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