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Before anyone else replies to this, I simply meant it was not a country based on the standard for countries that we use within the context of the RFC. I should have said, "It does not have an ISO 3166-1 code."  Sony does not have any secret agenda against Scotland. In fact, we registered Standard Scottish English, if you remember, and researched codes used by the U.N for this that were otherwise unpublished. The ad hominem insinuations in your e-mail are unfortunate.

I apologize to the list for the hasty e-mail that resulted in this noise.


Karen Broome

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Scotland is not a country.

Karen Broom

Scotland IS a country, Karen (a great country over a thousand years older than Germany - well, even the USA is an older country than Germany!), whatever you and Sony Corp may believe (or wish others believed). How can it be that new countries, such as Bosnia and Kosovo and other countries only recently emerged from bloody wars, are now being accepted as legitimate countries by the politically-motivated using as tools lists such as this (for the purposes of ISO 639 currently under joint US-Austrian control), who refuse to accept as legitimate countries so many peaceful old countries with their own ancient legal and admistrative systems, such as Scotland is?


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