Subtags and politics

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Fri Aug 29 20:00:40 CEST 2008

John Cowan wrote:

> We have informal connections with the latter, none (I think)
> with the former.  But no permanent liaison is possible with
> ietf-languages, because we are not an organization.

Informally Debbie knows all details, and informally Elizabeth
explained the "exceptionally reserved by the UPU" fine print
some months ago.  

> a group of voluntary participants on a mailing list who act
> as informal advisors to a very nearly absolute monarch, the
> Language Subtag Reviewer.  Fortunately for us, he is most
> of the time a roi fainéant.

If there is a new rush to create a formal liaison "we" could
ask the IAB what they think of that idea.  For values of "we"
starting with Michael, Randy, Doug, Martin, and Chris.  But
the last time we discussed this the outcome was "unnecessary".


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