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This is what Mark's updated form already says.


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I'd prefer the description to read

"Hanyu Pinyin romanization of Mandarin Chinese." to make it clearly distinct that it refers to Hanyu Pinyin and not Tongyong Pinyin.

2008/8/27 Broome, Karen <Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com<mailto:Karen_Broome at spe.sony.com>>
Right now, this is the only text planned for entry in the registry:

Type: variant
Subtag: pinyin
Description: Pinyin romanization of Chinese
Prefix: zh-Latn

If this is approved with "zh",  could we amend the description to "Pinyin romanization of Mandarin Chinese." I don't think we can expect users to read the registration forms and they might be misled by this description and prefix.


Karen Broome

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On 26 Aug 2008, at 13:56, Doug Ewell wrote:

Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:

I have nothing against "wadegile" and approve it herewith.

I approve "pinyin" too.

Is that to say you approve them with a Prefix value of "zh-Latn", as shown on Mark's "R2" registration forms?

Erm, no. Both Wade Giles and Hanyu Pinyin imply Latin inherently, in my opinion. zh-wadegile and zh-pinyin cannot mean zh-Cyrl-wadegile or zh-Grek-pinyin.

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