stq vs. frs

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Tue Apr 29 03:38:40 CEST 2008

Frank Ellermann scripsit:

> <> is old for "frs".
> <> is new for "stq".
> The same Frisian language, two codes, unrelated to the Eastern Frisian
> dialect of "nds".  Recently <> was created
> based on the "stq" ISO 639-3 entry.   The "s" in "frs" is the same "s"
> as in "stq" (Saterland).  This dupe also made it into a 4645bis draft.

Internal evidence from the Ethnologue (15th edition) shows that
Saterfrisian 'stq' is intended to be the Frisian variety, whereas
Eastern Frisian 'frs' is intended to be the Low German variety that
is now spoken in most of the former Frisian-speaking area.  Eastern Frisian is
classified as neither Low Franconian nor Low Saxon, presumably because
of the Saterfrisian substrate.

See for Ethnologue's
West Germanic family tree; however, it is well-known that the tree model fits
West Germanic particularly poorly.

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