Addition to ISO 639-3: [lyg]

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sun Apr 27 16:14:24 CEST 2008

Doug Ewell wrote:

> If this situation is duly reported to the ietf-languages
> list -- that code element Y is being split off from existing
> code element X, and that X is therefore implicitly narrowed
> in scope -- then I'm fine with it. If I or Michael or others
> are required to detect this situation on our own, it will be
> a lot more problematic.

For that you introduced the one week delay before required
registrations, you and others can look at the template, fix
typos, add an uncontroversial Suppress-Script, add comments
for very unusual cases like narrowed subtags, or in extreme
cases reject the subtag as "against the rules", no matter 
what the source standard says.  

> I should note that this particular situation doesn't seem
> to come up very often with ISO 639-3.

The fy split in frr + frs + fy was an example with ISO 639-2.


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