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 Hi, all.I think that some [zxx] content, when written/printed, is in  Latin-1 (for example, programmatic content)but it could be in any script or no script-so I am not sure if a suppress-script makes sense either.(I cannot imagine what the private use extension might be nor can I imagine a region for non-applicable, not linguistic--except maybe for infant babbling, which is definitely language-specific--that is the syllables babbled show pitch contours like those in the languages the children will speak later!!! -- but is babbling "no linguistic content" or "not applicable"??  Thank goodness not applicable has been added). --C. E. Whitehead   Frank Ellermann nobody at Sat Apr 19 20:51:03 CEST 2008 > Karen Broome wrote: >> Hadn't even considered a use case for extending "zxx"...>> is there one? >zxx content within a document with a different script is>an idea.  Or some variant, private use subtag, extension,>all hypothetical, and I don't see a case for a "region",>but folks will invent whatever they like best, as always. --C. E. Whitehead cewcathar at  
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