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Thu Apr 17 17:05:12 CEST 2008

Hello All,

Yesterday I received an email from a submitter of a past (and adopted) 
request regarding [loe] Coastal Saluan, pointing out that the change 
request 2007-118 ( 
should also have included a name change from "Coastal Saluan" to "Saluan" 
(since there was no longer a need to distinguish this language from any 
other Saluan language, as the other Saluan language was merged into the 
denotation of this code element). This was somewhat obliquely stated in 
the change request, but was clearly the intent, nonetheless.

The code element will be corrected as:
[loe] Saluan

This correction will be documented on the ISO 639-3 website, but I wanted 
to apprise you of this change. It will not be live on the website or in 
the download file until next week (my webmaster is out of town...)


Joan Spanne
ISO 639-3/RA
SIL International
7500 W Camp Wisdom Rd
Dallas, TX 75236
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