Erzgebirgisch Classification Question

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Apr 3 04:02:49 CEST 2008

Tracey, Niall scripsit:

> But would a speaker of Erzgerbirgisch understand a page in
> Upper Saxon? Would a speaker of Upper Saxon understand a page
> in Erzgerbirgisch? The same questions stand for Franconian and
> Erzgebirgisch?
> I suspect not, although I must confess to having no knowledge of
> the languages.

By definition, if D is said to be a dialect of language L, then there is
mutual comprehensibility between D and the other dialects of language L,
and not between D and dialects of another language L'.  Neither half of
this definition is necessarily true in practice, but we do what we can.

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