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> > We don't qualify what "overwhelming majority" really means, but my take
> > would be at least two standard deviations (>95%).
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> I'd be wary of putting a number on it.  I think a pragmatic guideline
> would be "no known community routinely uses (or has recently used) any
> other script for this language".  If there is a community of users for

That is far too high a bar. If we used that, there would be no
Suppress-Script values at all! There are romanized documents in essentially
every language, and communities of users who produce and use them.

We deliberately didn't say "all" or anywhere near it. We said "overwhelming

a "minority" script, or a non-trivial corpus of material, then using
> Suppress-Script simply doesn't make sense, unless the amount of legacy
> data tagged in the 3066 style is overwhelming AND all in the same script.
> (There's that word again.)  Back to this particular case, it really looks
> like this language shouldn't have a Suppress-Script.

It is looking like that, but some of the supporting documents really looked
quite shaky, so I'd like to see someone have a list of the documents with an
assessment of the reliability first. For one thing, as I said, one of the
documents seemed to point to having a Suppress-Script, but that it be Latn
and not Deva. So we should get all our ducks in a row first.

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