Meta (was: Modification Request: dsb et al. (Suppress-Script: Latn))

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Tue Oct 23 11:31:29 CEST 2007

Debbie Garside wrote:

> I believe Michael is entitled to a personal opinion.

+1  Some IETF WGs would be very boring if the Chairs, editors,
and ADs couldn't post personal opinions.  Actually some WGs
would be in danger to die if the WG Chairs couldn't do this.  

Of course they better avoid magic words like "consensus" when
they post their personal opinions.  Besides it didn't hurt that
Michael indirectly tricked me into reading a book with exactly
two sentences about Frisian and Sorbian, and dozens of pages
about topics like the Phaistos Disc and Linear-A.

s/+1/ACK/ for folks who personally dislike "+1" on this list.

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