Modification Request: frr (Suppress-Script: Latn)

Addison Phillips addison at
Mon Oct 8 23:07:12 CEST 2007

Doug Ewell wrote:
>> Now please, there's been quite enough meta-discussion.  Let's nail 
>> down the policy on ltru at, since it appears that what is 
>> already written is insufficiently clear.
> Fair enough, but I expect not to hear any handwaving about leaving the 
> details up to the discretion and judgment of ietf-languages and the 
> Reviewer(s).

Why not? Handwaving can sometimes be effective.

Just because the current reviewer doesn't wish to document his reasoning 
behind decisions and just because nobody on the list has the temerity to 
try and document a "sense of the list" statement doesn't mean that we 
should *necessarily* have to do it in 4646bis.

If there are sound policies that we can document, fine. But we don't 
even agree as a group on the sensibility of Suppress-Script, let alone 
policies for its inclusion in records.

Suppress-Script, as designed, is unmaintainable. It requires too much 
information about too many languages to be applied consistently and 
holistically. Unless we impose an outright ban on future registrations 
of it, there is no end to the list of registration requests that might 
be forthcoming in the future.


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