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Tue Oct 2 21:48:56 CEST 2007

Hi, I am not particular about where you all discuss guidelines for suppress 
script, but after being mostly a passive observer of the arguments for and 
against suppress-script for Korean and then for Konkani, and after doing 
some research on the Korean scripts (with help from someone else; I am not 
qualified to research Korean) and after perfunctorily reviewing a few 
Konkani sites (again I am not qualified to research the scripts really),

I would love to see some guidelines too; to me both the suppress-scripts 
you've pushed for-- for Konkani and Korean -- could be debated!!

* * *

Retrieving Konkani language texts does not seem to be a search engine 
language option; but there are a few sites on Konkani--for learning Konkani, 
Konkani dictionaries, sites on the language, language news.  Some include 
text in Konkani.

Here is a quick review of relevant online sites:

A Sample site with words in Konkani (put in an English word; you will get a 
Konkani translation):


Script???  Not sure of script but not Roman or Arabic !

* * *
2.  News on the scripts


Nagari and Kannada are both possible scripts for Konkani

* * *

3.  Language Site

This Jesuit Konkani language site (not all Konkanis are Jesuits of course) 
preferred Devanagaria at one point but now prefers Romi apparently.

* * *

Here’s another site on the Konkani language:

Konkani language foundation--just a url, no site available yet:

Debbie Garside’s 
http://www.country-studies.com/india/linguistic-relations.html  is good 
evidence however that there is argument as are the sites I retrieved (some 
preferring Romi, some Nagari, some Kannada; I could not tell which was most 
in use)!

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at hotmail.com

>At 15:40 -0400 2007-09-05, John Cowan wrote:
>>The fact that we have allegedly authoritative statements pointing in
>>different directions for the script in use is pretty good evidence that
>>there is no single dominant script.  Even non-authoritative statements
>>claiming that most Hindi is written in Latin, or that most English is
>>written in Devanagari, are not to be found.
>>Formal proposal follows.
>I have an idea. Why not do some research and get actual text samples 
>between now and 25 September?
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