Konkani Suppress-Script

Mark Davis mark.davis at icu-project.org
Tue Oct 2 19:31:54 CEST 2007

I did not appear to make myself clear. Let me try again.

   1. Roles. LTRU is responsible for developing the rules for
   registration. This group is responsible for applying the rules. So
rule development
   goes in LTRU, not here.
   2. Separate issue. Does LTRU understand enough about the issues that
   arise here to make reasonable rules? Answer: yes, because there is a large
   overlap, and so a large number of people there have seen and understand the
   issues at hand.


On 10/1/07, Doug Ewell <dewell at roadrunner.com> wrote:
> Mark Davis wrote:
> > I think there is sufficient overlap among the groups that the issues
> > can effectively be discussed in the LTRU group, which is the one that
> > makes the rules that we follow here.
> Oh, there's tons of overlap between the ietf-languages and LTRU groups.
> But the co-chairs have repeatedly urged us to focus on the different
> goals and responsibilities of the two groups, and that's what I was
> trying to do.
> If Mark, Randy, or someone else feels that firmer guidelines for
> Suppress-Script should be drawn up in LTRU (or not at all) rather than
> here, that is fine.  But "it's mostly the same people anyway" is not a
> justfication.
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