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"Reshat Sabiq (Reşat)" <tatar dot iqtelif dot i18n at gmail dot com> wrote:

> I would not mind the following edition of CE's suggestion (basically 
> replacing "Denotes alphabet" in my submission w/ "Latin orthography"):
> [Suggestion 2:]
> Latin orthography used in Turkic republics/regions of the former USSR in 
> late 1920s, and throughout 1930s, which aspired to represent equivalent 
> phonemes in a unified fashion. Also known as: New Turkic Alphabet; 
> Birl&#x4D9;&#x15F;dirilmi&#x15F; Jeni Tyrk &#x4D8;lifbas&#x44C;; 
> Ja&#x14B;alif.

(The entities are all OK here.)

> I also wouldn't mind this edition:
> [Suggestion 3]:
> Latin alphabet ...

I would prefer "orthography" over "alphabet" in this context, since "Latin 
alphabet" means specifically the set of letters used to write the Latin 

An orthography is a set of writing conventions specific to a given language, 
including alphabet and spelling rules and hyphenation choices and so forth, 
and that is usually what we are trying to indicate with this type of variant 

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