Michael Everson everson at
Thu May 3 16:41:57 CEST 2007

At 23:09 -0700 2007-05-02, Doug Ewell wrote:

>RFC 4646 specifies that non-ASCII characters be represented using 
>these ugly hex NCRs.  There are pros and cons to using UTF-8 for the 
>Registry, and even though I an a huge fan of UTF-8, there are valid 
>points to be made on both sides (i.e. many e-mail systems, even 
>today, mangle UTF-8). Again, this list is not empowered to disregard 
>or overturn what RFC 4646 says.  We have had the debate in LTRU 
>probably three or four times now, and the hex NCRs appear likely to 

Must they be represented using NCRs? Is that obligatory? Is ASCII 
fallback forbidden?
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