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Michael Everson yazmış:
> I have forwarded the subtag modification to IANA, edited suitably
> according to the consensus which it was possible to piece together. Doug
> and I made the final edits; we erred on the side of brevity and
> conciseness while keeping to the spirit of the requests. It was that or
> enter yet another cycle of discussion.
I don't find the Comments entry that was submitted to be well worded. I
can agree w/ the 2nd sentenceö for the most partö for brevıty, but the
first one is doesn't look right.
1) It mentions only 1930s, which could mislead or confuse some people.
2) It has a semicolon after Jeni which breaks a single correct name into
two incorrect names, if i understand ;'s role as a delimiter in this thing.
3) I also suggest changing ';' as a punctuation sign in names list to ','.

I'd appreciate feedback on possibility of changing the Comments from:
Latin orthography used in the Soviet Union in the 1930s
  for writing Turkic languages. Also called New Turkic Alphabet;
  Birlәşdirilmiş Jeni; Türk
  Әlifbasь; or Jaŋalif.

Denotes alphabet used in Turkic republics/regions
of the former USSR in late 1920s, and throughout 1930s, which aspired to
represent equivalent phonemes in a unified fashion. Also known as: New
Turkic Alphabet, Birlәşdirilmiş Jeni Türk
Әlifbasь, Jaŋalif.

4) Lastly, I believe there is no dispute about the following being true
for this subtag, and yet it is not so indicated, as i suggested in
Suppress-Script: Latn

I hate to break to you folks, but the tag was jinxed at the last moment:
not the name, hopefully, but the Comments and Suppress-Script for sure.
We measured and measured, and ended up cutting wrong just when we needed
to measure one last time.

I understand the "humanness" involved, but I hope 4 reasons above are
reasons enough to file for corrections. Please let me know if i should
request this in a separate form.


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