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У Аўт, 01/05/2007 у 14:16 +0300, Yury Tarasievich піша:
> On 01/05/07, Jaska Zedlik <sub at> wrote:
> > sorry, but expected by whom? You may expect the official orthography,
> ...
> Expected by *everybody*.
> Even users of alternative Belarusian know perfectly well *what* stands
> for the term Belarusian out of their group. It isn't some vague
> "everything" (including slangs, argos, dialects, or micro-languages),
> it's the academic codified standard.
Yes, and the wide spread of Belarusian normally-codified books can be
observed in any, no matter central or little, book-store and/or library
in Belarus. There we can see 1000s of normal Belarusian books and 10-50
books in "klasycny" orthography (and about a half of them are printed
outside of Belarus and/or are just reprints from begin-of-XX-century
books). The only sphere where recently "klasyka" was in major is
opposition political manifests. And now even these prints are now
generally written in normal Belarusian (f.e. Milinkievich, Kazulin, BUNT
and other opposition leaders and organizations use it). The truth is
that nowadays in Belarus to be understood by people means to write in
normal Belarusian variant.
> In fact, alternative Belarusian users don't often refer to their *own*
> language variant without dubbing it "classic".
> In short, no subtag is needed yet for the standard Belarusian.
> P.S. Kindly restrain yourself from using the abusive term "Narkamauka".
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