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You only need to specify when the content is not what it is to be expected.
The official Belarusian orthography is to be expected to be associated with
this code otherwise it is insufficient to only ask for one orthography.

On 5/1/07, Jaska Zedlik <sub at> wrote:
> G> Hoi,
> G> There is the official orthography which is "be". This is also the
> G> default for the be code. It is the "be-tarask" that has to identify
> G> itself as such.
> Gerard, could you please explain why "be" stands only for the official
> orthography? According to the ISO 639-1 "be" defines all the
> Belarusian language in any form. Nothing is said anywhere about the
> defaults for any language including Belarusian. If some particular
> variant of the language need to be specified, this need to be done
> with the explicit use of a subtag.
> Jaska Zedlik
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