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Jaska Zedlik sub at
Sat Mar 31 02:08:20 CEST 2007

G> In a nutshell, the <> was high
G> jacked by the people who favour the "old" orthography. They prevented 
G> the usage of the official orthography. This resulted in a request for 
G> a new wikipedia for the official orthography.

I don't think this is a right place for such a discussion, but
originally (since 2004) people who use classical orthography were not
against the articles written in official orthography, but the people
who use official one were against the classical orthography, therefore
they decided to separate and requested a space in wiki-incubator.

For now I don't really think that people who use classical orphography
are against to cooperate with the people who use official one. But
the last are against and they don't want to unite. Now they have got
all the rights for domain and on the first page is
written that all the orthographies except official are forbidden.

This was to clear out some misunderstanding.
Sorry for the offtopic.

Jaska Zedlik

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