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Ihar Hrachyshka ihar.hrachyshka at
Sat Mar 31 01:35:50 CEST 2007

У Суб, 31/03/2007 у 00:21 +0100, Michael Everson піша:
> At 02:17 +0300 2007-03-31, Ihar Hrachyshka wrote:
> >  >Is there another orthography of Belarusian that we need to know about
> >  >in order to evaluate this?
> >
> >There is also an official Belarusian orthography as stated by 
> >National Academy of Science of Belarus.
> OK. Can you explain the difference or point us to sources that do?
The difference is in:
1. spelling soft sign "ь": свет (official) = сьвет (tar), пачуццё (o) =
пачуцьцё (tar);
2. spelling foreign words: філасофія (o) = філязофія (t), псіхалогія (o)
= псыхалёгія (t);
3. some other differences like writing "й" instead of "і" in some
phonetic positions and others.
As a brief, I can say that official orthography is more schematic and
compact, and tar spelling is more phonetic and longer. The difference in
spelling foreign words differs because official orthography use a
russian version of interpreting them and tar spelling use a polish
version, but it's very complicated to understand "in brief".
Differs in lexics are also stated quite often but it's more the differs
in cultural code of these orthography users I think.

The official orthography is studied in schools, universities, it's the
state variant of language (it means state radio channels, TV and so on
use this version). The so-called tar version is a modern restoration of
some rules from works of a great Belarusian linguist B.Tarashkievich
(1918, "Bielaruskaja hramatyka dlia shkol"). It's used by some mass
media, Belarusian speakers in internet and in a daily life (though not
too codified because of the newth of the codification effort - 2005).

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