Frank Ellermann nobody at
Mon Mar 19 23:56:34 CET 2007

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> However, I do recommend that CE Whitehead take the trouble to fill in the
> complete registration forms (subtag name, references and all) so that there
> is no doubt what he's asking for a decision on.
> For someone other than the proposer to go piecing together a registration
> form from a dozen pieces of information in as many email messages spread
> over a period of months is an error-prone process, and best avoided.

Is that a procedure that should be specified in 4646bis ?  There have 
been also registrations where the final versions weren't exactly what
the proponent asked for _without_ explicit reposts of these forms by
the proponent.  E.g. for Valencian the number of descriptions was some
kind of consensus on the review list, the proponent originally wanted
four descriptions and IIRC didn't comment these discussions in public.


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