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Addison Phillips addison at
Tue Jun 26 20:57:14 CEST 2007

CE Whitehead wrote:

>> > The question of providing pure-ASCII transliterations for every 
>> string > in the Registry that includes a hex NCR, even something like 
>> > Provençal, is an operational detail, and does belong on this 
>> list > IMHO.
> for ltru then?

No. LTRU is for discussing rules and requirements for items in the 
registry. If you want to have (or not have) specific transliterations, 
that is a registration request and/or policy discussion for ietf-languages.

> Thanks. Thus we can resubmit any/all comments fields to include 
> transliterations here (who does that?  Anyone?  Michael Everson?).

No. You cannot resubmit a request in this case. You (or anyone, 
including Michael) can submit a new request to modify an existing 
record, subject to the subtag reviewer's approval and the discussion on 
this list.

See RFC 4646, Section 3.5:

This procedure MAY also be used to register or alter the information for 
the "Description", "Comments", "Deprecated", or "Prefix" fields in a 
subtag's record as described in Section 3.4 (Stability of IANA Registry 
Entries). Changes to all other fields in the IANA registry are NOT 


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