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Here are a few more resources:

    * W3C Tutorial: "Declaring Language in XHTML and HTML" 

(the above tutorial is really useful; it contains information explaining 
difference between expressing the language of the intended audience and the 
text processing language, and lists several places language can be declared 
in a document; also explains how same characters may look sligthly different 
in different languages & how it is thus important to declare the language! 
though if you are goint to have jsut one w3c reference, I agree it would be,

   * Richard Ishida. "Tagging text with no language" (Draft for review) 

(Ishida's "Tagging text . . . " is pretty finished --  are you concerned 
that this is still a draft?  I think it's a useful reference though it 
applies most to people tagging code and such.)

Also regarding the resources at:

This seems to be a very thorough collection of resources; I need to go 
through it!

However, in the Mozilla browser at the library here, the page does not look great; all the links are pushed way 
down; I looked and looked for them, finally started scrolling and scrolling 
till I found them!

This is because you used div's to hold the "sidebar" and the collection of 
links (std).

(I realize that cannot use inline formatting such as span sections or div 
sections that are arranged inline, because then linked lists--which are 
block-level elements--embedded in the span sections might be displayed 
multiple times in some browsers.

However, you can use absolute positioning to make a nice sidebar that will 
display properly in all browsers; see the W3C tutorial:  )

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

(One more note below.)
>You may remember the discussion on the LTRU and IETF-languages mailing 
>lists about marketing the standard, having a Web site and so on. At
>this time, I had set up a small site to
>show what could be done.

>Now, I'm decided to go a step further and I purchased for
>that purpose (and I am of course ready to transfer it for free to any
>other holder, should the community think it is better.)

>I would like to be "blessed" as a reference
>Web site for the language tag activity at IETF.

(Another note:  "blessed"?  Maybe it's me; I did not grow up saying 
"blessed" and I feel a bit excluded; I accept all kinds of religious 
references from people submitting requests for subtags, and never feel 
excluded, but when it comes from the list monitors, I do start to feel 
excluded.  [I'm sure it's mostly just me, but I note that some people here, 
a lot, say "blessed" all the time, but others punctuate everything with "So 
mote it be," and still others might say "In ch'Allah" so . . . & then there 
are aetheists and so on.  And the list is not meant to exclude any of them.] 
   Do we have to say "blessed" here?  I think it's great to be guided by a 
belief system but wonder about making its particulars public on a public 
list; I'm probably the only one who is going to think this way though.)

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