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In reaction to some comments in the discussion so far I decided to request
"only" one more variant subtag for a Resian minor local dialect, viz. the
Lipovaz dialect. It has enough phonetical, phonological and lexical
features to make it distinct from any other Resian local dialect and,
thanks to the efforts of Sergio Chinese, a considerable amount of written
documents is piling up. Apart from that, the Lipovaz dialect is already
known from samples of spoken language taken down in the 18th century.


   1. Name of requester: Han Steenwijk
   2. E-mail address of requester: han.steenwijk at
   3. Record Requested:

      Type: variant
      Subtag: lipaw
      Description: The Lipovaz dialect of Resian
      Description: The Lipovec dialect of Resian
      Prefix: sl-rozaj
      Comments: The dialect of Lipovaz/Lipovec is one of the minor local
dialects of Resian

   4. Intended meaning of the subtag: The local variety of Resian as
spoken in Lipovaz/Lipovec
   5. Reference to published description of the language (book or article):
      1. Jan I.N. Baudouin de Courtenay - Opyt fonetiki rez'janskich
govorov, Varšava - Peterburg: Vende - Kozančikov, 1875.
      2. Jan I.N. Baudouin de Courtenay - Materialien zur súdslavischen
Dialektologie und Ethnographie: 1. Resianische Texte, St.
Petersburg: Imperatorskaja Akademija nauk, 1895.
      3. Han Steenwijk - "Eine neue Einteilung der resianischen
Mundarten", in: Logarjev zbornik: referati s 1. mednarodnega
dialektološkega simpozija v Mariboru (= Zora, vol. 8), edited by Z.
Zorko & M. Koletnik, Maribor: Slavistično društvo, 1999, pp.
      4. Sergio Chinese - Rośajanskë-laškë bysidnjäk/Repertorio
lessicale italiano-resiano, Udine: Marioni, 2003.
      5. Dal Vangelo secondo Luca (prima parte)/Od Lukë Uanǵëlë,
translated by Sergio Chinese.
   6. Any other relevant information:
      1. The first description line makes reference to the Italian
toponym, the second one to the Slovene toponym.
      2. The former three bibliographical items describe the Lipovaz
dialect as opposed to other Resian local dialects. The fourth item
is a bilingual dictionary in which the Resian part is in the Lipovaz
dialect and the last item is a translation of a Bible fragment in
this same dialect.
      3. A contemporary author expressing himself in the Lipovaz dialect
is Sergio Chinese.

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