Suppress-Script for Korean?

Jeremy Carroll jjc at
Wed Jul 25 18:35:08 CEST 2007

Jon Hanna wrote:
> Now. Whether that actually applies or not to Korean, I haven't a clue, 
me neither
> but if it does apply to the extent that you could reasonably expect a 
> literate native-speaker to recognise more than one script then I think 
> it's not a candidate for suppress-script.

I don't think that's an appropriate rule.

Kore 	287 	Korean (alias for Hangul + Han)
Jpan 	413 	Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana)

and the advocacy for suppress-script Kore is that a literate 
native-speaker  is reasonably expected to recognise two scripts (i.e. 
more than one) specifically Hangul + Han, which is captured in the 
script code Kore, which hence covers almost all Korean texts. Moreover 
the script code Kore appears to be specifically available because of this.

I would see your suggested rule above as significantly limiting the 
effectiveness of Kore and Jpan. I am not quite as ignorant about 
Japanese scripts as about Korean and Jpan does seem an appropriate 
default value for script based on my limited knowledge, and I would be 
uneasy about a rule that prevented it from being so.


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