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Tue Jul 24 15:36:20 CEST 2007

Michael Everson <everson at>

>> I'm rather strongly of the opinion that this extra material does NOT 
>> belong in the registration forms archived by IANA.  The registration 
>> forms should be those that contributed to the approval of the 
>> subtags.
> I agree. The registry is not an encyclopaedia.

The topic here is not the Registry, but rather the archive of 
registration forms maintained at 
Those forms are indeed expected to contain encyclopedic material, partly 
to reduce the demand to fill the Registry with it instead.  This 
material can be useful when evaluating proposed subtags.

However, the registration forms are not supposed to be updated *after* 
the relevant subtags are registered.  They are snapshots of the 
registration process.  Adding more material to them over time is neither 
our job nor IANA's.

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