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> Hi, I tried to do an archive entry for baku1926, but as I never heard 
> back from Reshat as to what references he wanted included in it, I did 
> a rough entry and then a collection of extra resources; I leave it up 
> to Doug and the list what--if anything--to do to complete the archive.
> ...
> Additional resources listed at:
> & also below:
> ADDITIONAL RESOURCES which Reshat has not confirmed
> (from discussion):
> &#1043;&#1056;&#1040;&#1053;&#1044;&#1045;, &#1041;.  (1934).

I'm rather strongly of the opinion that this extra material does NOT 
belong in the registration forms archived by IANA.  The registration 
forms should be those that contributed to the approval of the subtags.

>From Section 3.1:
"The IANA Language Subtag Registry ("the registry") consists of a text 
file that is machine readable in the format described in this section, 
plus copies of the registration forms approved in accordance with the 
process described in Section 3.5."

>From Section 3.5:
"All approved registration forms are available online in the directory under 'languages'."

There is no provision to add supplementary references or other 
information to a registration form after the subtag has been approved.

Requestors who wish to have particular references considered as part of 
the registration process, or wish to have them available for later 
perusal, should make sure they are included on the ORIGINAL form. 
Several requestors have included extensive references on their 
registration forms already; this shows that this part of the process is 

I'm getting ready to post forms to the list (before shipping them to 
IANA) for all of the variants we have registered since October 2005, but 
first I want to make sure we are all clear on this point.

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