New and modified subtags, after ISO 15924

Doug Ewell dewell at
Wed Jul 18 07:47:07 CEST 2007

The following new and modified subtag records are proposed as a result 
of recent changes to ISO 15924.  They are posted to the list for review 
until July 25, at which point they'll be submitted to IANA unless any 
objections have been raised.

New script subtags:

Type: script
Subtag: Avst
Description: Avestan
Added: 2007-xx-xx

Type: script
Subtag: Mani
Description: Manichaean
Added: 2007-xx-xx

Type: script
Subtag: Phlv
Description: Book Pahlavi
Added: 2007-xx-xx

Type: script
Subtag: Samr
Description: Samaritan
Added: 2007-xx-xx

Modified script subtag:

Type: script
Subtag: Mand
Description: Mandaic
Description: Mandaean
Added: 2005-10-16

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