Proposal to add "Kore' as Suppress-Script for 'ko'

Doug Ewell dewell at
Tue Jul 10 16:04:17 CEST 2007

John Cowan <cowan at ccil dot org> wrote:

>> The combination of Hangul and a smattering of Hanja is by far the 
>> most common way to write Korean,
> Is that open and shut?  Wikipedia says (in Hangul#Orthography):
> Today however, hanja have been almost entirely phased out of daily use 
> in North Korea, and in South Korea they are now mostly restricted to 
> parenthetical glosses for proper names and for disambiguating 
> homonyms.

I tried hard last year to prove that modern Korean was written with 
virtually no Hanja, and couldn't.  The occasional Hanja character, maybe 
two or three in an entire newspaper page, kept showing up.

I keep wondering about the phrase "almost entirely phased out of daily 
use in North Korea."  Elsewhere it is written that the DPRK government 
banned Hanja altogether, which is quite different.

> Since the two Korean-speaking states disagree on this point, I am 
> concerned that setting the Suppress-Script to "kore", the South Korean 
> usage, would smell political.
> If I don't know what I'm talking about, feel free to tell me.

You raise a good point; that's why we have a review period.

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