Variant tags for sl-rozaj: standardized Resian

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On Lun, 9 Luglio 2007 6:09 pm, CE Whitehead wrote:

> If any of the various persons/groups who have adopted the tag are able to
> send an email to this list in its support, it would be helpful, but so
> long
> as this orthography is in use, it needs a subtag.

There are no persons who have adopted the subtag but there are several
people who have adopted the orthography the subtag refers to in their
writing. See the references that go with the request.

> I do not have any problem with the number of prefixes; if there are that
> many prefixes for a single orthography, why then there are (it's because
> this is a standard; I do however wonder if it's probably closer to one of
> the variants that is encompassed by the various prefixes).

Standard Resian is intentionally distinct from any of the four major local
dialects. Local rivalry prohibits getting accepted one of the local
dialects as the "official", all-Resian written language.

On several occasions, people chose not to use Standard Resian, preferring
the standardized form of their local dialect. It has even been proposed to
teach all four major local dialects in their standardized form at school.


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