Variant tags for sl-rozaj: standardized Resian

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Sat Jul 7 20:47:08 CEST 2007

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> I've found a dictionary for Standard Resian--is this the standard you 
> worked on:  It's called (online)
> " Resianica Dictionary"
> I've found several articles by Dr. Steenwijk online  (the first two on 
> the list below are from his "Orthography of Resian"):
> (These are in Italian)

Or you could simply start from the home page and work through the menus:

> The orthography articles are more than ten years old and the 
> dictionary (linked to at the top) has been up several years; so if 
> indeed this language has but one recently (linguist-) created standard 
> orthography we should approve the tag -- he's given us the dates and 
> also has listed the villages where this language is spoken!

I'm a little concerned about registering a language variant that, as Dr. 
Steenwijk notes, "was created by the author of this request."  I don't 
believe such a request has ever been made before.  In Wikipedia (which 
we are not) this would probably count as "original research," and 
someone else unconnected with Dr. Steenwijk would have to write the 
article, or in our case, propose the subtag.  Right now I support this 
request, but I wonder if others are concerned about this "original 
research" issue.

Dr. Steenwijk did point out that the orthography has been adopted by 
"several authors" and on public signage, which makes it more of an 
existing standard than other orthographies, and which makes me feel 
better about the subtag.

I don't have any problem at all with the structure of this subtag, 
including its proposed prefixes:

Prefix: sl-rozaj
Prefix: sl-rozaj-biske
Prefix: sl-rozaj-njiva
Prefix: sl-rozaj-osojs
Prefix: sl-rozaj-solba

but I suspect someone may come along and argue that three levels of 
variants (rozaj-biske-1994) is too many, and may want to introduce a new 

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