Variant tags for sl-rozaj: standardized Resian

Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Jul 6 07:24:46 CEST 2007

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

>> Confident that the final registration of variant subtags 'biske', 
>> 'njiva', 'osojs' and 'solba' is by now a mere formality, I press on 
>> with a request that partly builds upon these subtags.
> You requested those variant subtag registrations Monday June 18; that 
> is more than two weeks ago.
> However it seems they have not been registered.
> I guess we should find out what is going on with the registration of 
> those.

As Han pointed out, they were actually requested June 11.

The initial 2-week review period ended on June 25, but I'm trying to 
comply with Addison's proposal to post the final records to the list for 
a week before Michael submits them to IANA.  That week could have run 
concurrently with the review period, but I forgot to post the final 
records until Tuesday, June 26.  (List members might remember a spate of 
"Last call for XYZ" messages to the list, followed by CE asking what an 
unwritten document was.)

The 1-week viewing period ended Tuesday, July 3.  That day and Wednesday 
(a U.S. holiday) were busy days for me, though I did find time to send 
three posts to this list and LTRU.  I sent the seven records to Michael 
about 7:30 Pacific time, he forwarded them to IANA about an hour later, 
and sometime around 17:30 IANA posted an updated Registry.  Enjoy.

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