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Wed Jan 31 00:50:50 CET 2007

>Frank Ellermann wrote:
>>>I would gently suggest a mildly different form:
>>>Type: variation
>Whups. Didn't catch that typo in copying the request.
>>>Subtag: valencia
>>>Description: Valencian
>>>Description: valencien
>>>Description: valenciano
>>>Description: valencià
>>IMO too many similar descriptions, I'd prefer two (native + English).
>I tend to agree. But the requester requested the four.
>While Michael and others fear a slippery slope, I think there is a balance 
>between that and the desire of the requester. And I can see some 
>justification for putting in Spanish.
>Addison Phillips
>Globalization Architect -- Yahoo! Inc.
Sorry, I replied to your last message without reading this whole argument!  
(My back is out so I am reading fast!)
I support the mention of Spanish as a co-language in the comments section
but think that one or two spellings of the language tag should suffice.
That would be the Valencian spelling and the English.
--C. E. Whitehead
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