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CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Sun Jan 28 22:42:30 CET 2007

>At 12:42 -0800 2007-01-27, Randy Presuhn wrote:
>>  > >Thanks.  One of the external links uses the title
>>>  >"The Moon System of Embossed Reading", how about
>>>  >adding this as a comment ?
>>>  It seems unnecessary.
>>Perhaps to someone who already knows what it is.
>What it is, is an ISO 15924 entity which already has three synonyms. It is 
>not (surely) our job to flesh out all of the our registrations with 
>encyclopaedic comments.
>Michael Everson *

No it's not but of course I hope we insist that the comments be as clear as 
possible whenever there is any chance of confusion; this goes for tags like 
br (Breton), uk if it is misused (that shocks me that uk is misused?  how? 
it's clearly not a language with Ireland and Irish, and Wales and Welsh a 
part of it???), etc.

Not that we should revise all the tags of course now but whenever we are 
registering them.  And of course people can submit requests to update a 
comment perhaps.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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