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Doug Ewell dewell at
Fri Jan 26 17:13:52 CET 2007

Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:

> For your issue at hand, the longest description in the "4645bis" I-D:
> Minnan, Hokkien, Amoy, Taiwanese, Southern Min, Southern Fujian, 
> Hoklo, Southern Fukien, Ho-lo

And under the guidelines being established for future registrations, 
that one would have been split into nine separate Description fields.

Some of the longer (non-grandfathered) descriptions in the proposed 
4646bis-era Registry are:

Creoles and pidgins, Portuguese-based (Other)
Huamalíes-Dos de Mayo Huánuco Quechua

Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association)
Japanese (alias for Han + Hiragana + Katakana)
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Notice that all of these, except Interlingua (and arguably Macedonia), 
contain information that is absolutely essential to the identity of the 
language, script, or region.  They are not filled with encyclopedic or 
bibliographic information.

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