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Addison Phillips addison at
Wed Jan 24 19:53:12 CET 2007

Debbie Garside wrote:
>> The difference in name 
>> is not enough; "Valencian" is already listed in the Registry 
>> as a Description for "ca".
> In which case is there a need for a comment to be added, including date,
> stating "as of [date] a variant subtag was created for Valencian - see
> Valencia".  Along the same lines as GB, GG, etc.

In this case, the subtag is being used to identify a language 
distinction which has been legally mandated. It almost doesn't matter 
whether "Valencian" is actually different from 'ca' or not (it appears 
that ISO 639 doesn't think that it is different linguistically). But one 
of the nice things about having subtags is that we can identify 
distinctions that are important to the authors/consumers of documents, 
such as a legal requirement to have two documents--one in Catalan and 
the other in Valencian.

I think comments such as the GB/GG/etc. variety are complicated to 
maintain and may not be particularly helpful. So in this case I think 
that Doug is correct: the subtag's description should be expanded. I 
would suggest:

    Description: Comunidad Valenciana

Or, perhaps:

    Description: Comunidad Valenciana regional dialect


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