[Ltru] HOWTO register a subtag (Was: rejecting proposals based on syntax

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Wed Jan 24 15:20:06 CET 2007

Stephane Bortzmeyer scripsit:

> http://ltru.generic-nic.net/register-new-subtag.html

Bravo!  This list of suggestions may seem long, but is in the direction
of ruthless simplification.

1) Don't even mention language subtags.  Too many people will insist
that his language variety is a separate language and try to register a
language subtag.  Just say they have to go through ISO (which is true,
even if in principle they might end up back here.)

2) Fill in the value of Type for them.

3) Omit altogether the lines Preferred-Value, Deprecated, and
Suppress-Script, which have little or no relevance to variant subtags
and will be productive of nothing but confusion.  Content-free lines
don't end up in the Registry anyhow.

4) Variant subtags beginning with a digit should be 4-8 characters,
not just 4, although currently we have only 4-digit ones.  5) Give an
example of a tag which is too short.

A few minor corrections of idiom:

6) "specially" should be "especially".

7) "People" is treated as a plural noun, so "People in my home town

8) Use "beforehand" instead of "before" in "subscribe to the mailing
list before", or else say "in advance".

9) Adjectives of nationality are capitalized in English, thus:  "the
French language", "the French Academy".  This makes no sense, and no other
European language does it; but not doing it looks childish in English.

10) "the Middle Ages".

11) "early modern French", without the article.

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