Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c RESUBMISSION

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Tue Jan 23 21:16:58 CET 2007

>Addison Phillips <addison at yahoo dash inc dot com> replied:
>>Subtags may have many prefixes... as many as necessary.
Thanks for this; I understood that multiple prefixes were possible but for 
some reason everyone objected in this case saying I was blurring the 
distinction.  That was the reason given at the time.

>I suppose I should reiterate that the objection to CE's original proposal 
>that these two subtags have two prefixes each was NOT due to some blanket 
>rule against two prefixes.  The result would have been that the same text 
>("late middle" or "early modern" French, if you will) could have been 
>tagged as either "middle" or "modern" French -- that is to say, "frm" or 
>"fr" --depending on the whim of the author, in order to maximize browser 
>hits.  That's not interoperability; it's advertising your business in 
>multiple sections of the Yellow Pages to increase sales.
Well actually the goal was not to tag any text twice as both fr and frm so 
much as to allow the page creator to determine whether the French was modern 
enough to be considered modern French for his/her audience or needed to be 
labelled as Middle French because of problems reading it.  (this is 
important to students/persons learning French in particular, or to persons 
who are not completely literate).

It is actual possible currently for a text to be tagged as both fr and frm 
(provided your page is not embedded in someone else's document) in order to 
insure that a person who searches for a 1650's document gets it whether they 
search for it as frm or fr.

Another reason for my request is that there are not too many differences in 
readability between the more standardized late 16th century texts and the 
less standardized 17th century texts I am dealing with, and I realized that 
in many ways texts from these two periods (outside of the texts created in 
the 17th century salon environment) can be treated as a  unit with the 17th 
century texts less standardized.

But you have told me I am only allowed to request one prefix so that is why 
I am doing so.

I am hoping the tags will provide a way to indicate whether texts in these 
historical varieties are left in the original language (how I prefer to get 
my texts) or translated into modern French (the translations are quite 
common online).


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